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Sekonic RT-32 Wireless Transmitter Module for L-608, L-358

Sekonic RT-32 Wireless Transmitter Module for L-608, L-358

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Electronic flash units and/or cameras can be triggered wirelessly from either the L-608, L-608CINE, L-358 or L-558 meter's optional plug-in, by the Sekonic RT-32 Digital Radio Transmitter Module for L-358 and L-608 Meters.

No more tripping over sync cords, or fumbling with PC connectors. Compatible with all PocketWizard Digital Radio Receivers, the module allows these meters to simultaneously trigger and measure your electronic flash units up to 100 feet away.

You can also select through the meter's software, - Quad Triggering mode - which provides you with up to four zones of lighting control remotely. Now you can individually measure several flash units wirelessly with the touch of the meter's measuring button, without walking over to each light and turning them on or off.

You can even trigger motor driven cameras from the meter. Part of the Digital Wireless Freedom system, the L-608, L-608CINE, L-358 and L-558 are wireless exposure meters and exposure makers.
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